My Latest VIST short story I have on hold while I work on my graphic novel.


Shout/Kill/Revel is a Lovecraftian western set in Louisiana. Helmina has withdrawn from the world that is now under the rule of an extremist cult but cannot stay hidden long with the... potential... she has within. You cannot remain a part of the world but apart from the world.

Bad Sun is a reflection on the social norms and structures we use that better humanity and those which better some and enslave others. It is set after a mysterious event has caused Earth to be teleported to an unknown solar system and has become severely damaged and deformed in the process.

Vist is a short story set in a Nordic fantasy world. She is an orphan who found refuge in the peaceful Skogur (forest) but she is forced to defend its peace as more and more intruders trespass with ill intentions...


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