Sequential Portfolio

Vör Sample Pages

Ask me for the pitch! 

Vör is currently in development and looking for a home. It is open to be a limited series of 6+ issues or graphic novel.

Written and Illustrated by Jarret Hartnell

Logo and Letters by Jarret Hartnell


SHOUT, KILL, REVEL teaser pages from the completed 215-page graphic novel being published by Renegade Arts Entertainment.

Kickstarter coming soon and will be available wherever books are sold in April 2024

Written and illustrated by Jarret Hartnell
Edited by Jason Mehmel
Lettered by Jarret Hartnell with assist from Chelsey Dyer

Pedal Hard

A 6 page short where I experimented with stacking countless scraps of screentones.

Released in the anthology ALBERTA COMICS: HOME 

Published by Renegade Arts Entertainment Sept. 2022

Written by Spencer Estebrooks
Art and Letters by Jarret Hartnell
Edited by Jarret Hartnell & Alexander Finbow