Sequential Portfolio

Vör Sample Pages

Ask me for the pitch! 

Vör is currently in development and looking for a home. It is open to be a limited series of 6+ issues or graphic novel.

Written and Illustrated by Jarret Hartnell

Logo and Letters by Jarret Hartnell


SHOUT, KILL, REVEL teaser pages from the completed 215-page graphic novel being published by Renegade Arts Entertainment.

Available wherever books are sold April 2024

Written and illustrated by Jarret Hartnell
Edited by Jason Mehmel
Lettered by Jarret Hartnell & Chelsey Dyer

Pedal Hard

A 6 page short where I experimented with stacking countless scraps of screentones.

Released in the anthology ALBERTA COMICS: HOME 

Published by Renegade Arts Entertainment Sept. 2022

Written by Spencer Estebrooks
Art and Letters by Jarret Hartnell
Edited by Jarret Hartnell & Alexander Finbow